Thursday, December 29, 2011

Faerie Fete and Middle Earth Hobbit & Elven Experiences

'Faeries, come take me out of this dull world, For I would ride with you upon the wind, Run on the top of the dishevelled tide, And dance upon the mountains like a flame.' ~Yeats, 'The Land of Heart's Desire,' 1894

Enter the land of heart's desire aka coastal Long Beach, CA where the fae folk dance and live in harmony hidden from the eyes of men.    Camp experience includes faerie and elf lore and language, theme activities and dining and more.

This event to now be separated into 2 events. Details to be posted on our new Camps Site, due to be completed November 2015 

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Social Charms & Graces and Hostess classes

A comprehensive social etiquette course covering everything from the basics to the bewildering.  Open to all levels of experience and expertise.

We're currently building a stand-alone site for this experience, for now, please visit our Tea and Etiquette Camps page. 

Thursday, December 22, 2011

Flappers Just Won't 23 Skidoo

Click here for Speakeasy Die Hard, our 1920s weekend gangster melee event in Chicago, or here for our online interactive Charleston class & Flapper workshop

Nearly a century after they burst out of their corsets and into the speakeasies, the Jazz babies of the 1920's are still roaring
by Joie de Vivre

Gabrielle Bonheur "Coco"Chanel

The young women of "the lost generation" who lopped off both their hair and hemlines, and who thumbed their noses and hipflasks at the Victorian mores into which they were born, did far more than create a trendy fad or two. They became icons of the first completely modern era and drew the world's collective gaze toward America.

"The flapper engaged in frivolity and recklessness. She was a rouge wearing rebel- a fast living, rule breaking, beautiful young woman.  Flappers were notorious for smoking, drinking, and dancing. These young girls did what only men had done before them. They drove automobiles and rode bicycles. They snuck alcohol into speakeasies during Prohibition by strapping flasks to their inner thighs... They partied late into the night and danced the Charleston and the Shimmy. 
The new, wild dances of the Jazz Age required women to move more freely. As a result, flappers stopped wearing corsets, and this became a focus of controversy. During the 1920's, corsetlessness was thought to be dangerous and evil. Flappers broke all the rules and started wearing a new type of undergarmet called a "step-in." Without the curve-enhancing corset, the flapper's figure was straight and boyish. 
The corset wasn't the only change in Flapper Fashion. Young women chopped off their traditionally long hair and died it jet black. They wore short, modern "bobs" or "shingle" cuts. Their hem lengths were chopped off too. Flappers wore dresses just below the knee and exposed their legs for the first time ever. These baggy dresses were sleeveless and had modern waist lines that rested on the hips." []

They painted their faces and powdered their knees and went so far as to bind their chests in order to heighten their 'boyish charm'. This gender bending went far beyond fashion, as flappers smoked cigarettes, drank hard liquor, demanded the vote, drove automobiles, and wanted to attend college as well as work outside the confines of the homestead.  In the aftermath of WWI, and with available men in short supply, these young women struck out on their own, impressed with the great war's warning of the fragility of fleetingness of life.  And so they embraced hedonism, consumerism and individualism; they flaunted leisure, sporty fitness and fun... to the degree that one may well wonder if this is the subculture that spawned 'teen angst'.

Scores of decades later, the flappers' style still captivates, their music still gets toes tapping, and their indomitable spirit and spunk still speak to our own, perhaps hinting that there is a litte flapper in us all. And their own siren song still quietly resonates in our ears, "Not much money, Oh, but honey  Ain't we got fun? Night or daytime, it's all playtime - Ain't we got fun?"

by Dorothy Parker
The ever-pithy Dorothy Parker
The Playful flapper here we see,
The fairest of the fair.
She's not what Grandma used to be, --
You might say, au contraire.
Her girlish ways may make a stir,
Her manners cause a scene,
But there is no more harm in her
Than in a submarine. 
She nightly knocks for many a goal
The usual dancing men.
Her speed is great, but her control
Is something else again.
All spotlights focus on her pranks.
All tongues her prowess herald.
For which she well may render thanks
To God and Scott Fitzgerald. 
Her golden rule is plain enough - 
Just get them young and treat them rough.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Nani Wahine (Island Girl Getaway)

Please visit our Total Sirenity Island Experience site for full details on this Mythic Adventure experience

* * *
[updated 15 July 2015]

Sunday, December 18, 2011

A Genie's Dream

Please visit our Pampered Genie Desert Oasis Spa Escape site for details for information on this weekend Mythic Adventure experience

* * *
[updated 15 July 2015]

Saturday, December 17, 2011

Sea Siren Mermaid Camp experiences

Datana Artemis, our poster siren
For weekend Mythic Adventures, visit our Mermaid Cruise & Dolphin Swim in the Bahamas or Pacific Paradise Im-mer-sion Mermaid Getaway sites. For an adult day camp experience, visit the new Mermaid Bootless Camp page.

Mermaid camp for 
merminions (8-12) and 
mermaidens (13-17). 

[updated 15 July 2015]

Thursday, December 1, 2011

2 for Fun

What could be more fun than receiving a Siren School experience as a gift?
Giving one to a loved one!
And what could be better than either of those?
Giving a Siren School experience to yourself and taking a friend with you.... for free!

Throughout the month of December we will offer a more the merrier discount as a thank you for helping us launch Siren School. Holiday Cheers! 

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Bliss Friday

Our contribution to rampant consumerism.... ehr, I mean customer appreciation discounts

Make it a Blessed Friday

And we offer gift certificates in any denomination, for any event, any occasion.... hint hint

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Who's the Fairiest of Them All?

The Good People maintain their timeless power and presence, whether you can see them or not
by Joie de Vivre 

Michelle Pfeiffer as Titania, Queen
of the Fairies, in Shakespeare's
A Mid-Summer Night's Dream
This last weekend I officiated a Hogwart's High Tea, e.g. a Harry Potter party.  The only thing more pleasurable than the whimsical proceedings was the affable crowd.  They were just the nicest people ever.  Through the course of the event I learned that in addition to HP fans, there were all sorts of LotR groupies (that's Lord of the Rings to non-denizens of Middle Earth) and a few Twilight enthusiasts, primarily among the tween guests.

When I faced a lull in the action while waiting for a few participants to finish their Goblet of Fire quiz, I stalled by conducting an impromptu poll.  I asked how many in the audience were lovers of mermaids -- half of the hands rose in curiosity.  Next I asked about genies.... only a few jumped on that magic carpet.  Finally, I asked about faeries.  I expected little to no response given that the audience was about 20-50 years older than the usual pint-sized fairy fans I have encountered.  To my surprise the air was filled with wildly waving hands.

Turns out faeries are still big news... and have been so on and off since the time of Homer.  In doing a wee bit o research on the subject for our Faerie weekend Getaways premiering next year, I was able to cull my findings down to just over 100 pages.... Don't panic, I won't regurgitate it all here - especially since I came across mounds of contradictory information on everything from the beings' size to intent to proclivities... even the spelling of their species!  Just take a gander at the intro to the topic posted on Wikipedia:

fairy (also faeryfaeriefayfaeeuphemistically wee folkgood folkpeople of peacefair folk, etc.) is a type of mythical being or legendary creature, a form of spirit, often described asmetaphysicalsupernatural or preternatural.
Fairies resemble various beings of other mythologies, though even folklore that uses the term fairyoffers many definitions. Sometimes the term describes any magical creature, including goblins orgnomes: at other times, the term only describes a specific type of more ethereal creature.

A Fairy Ring
As with many research projects, a little knowledge can prove dangerous, and I admit to being far more baffled by faeriedom after all my reading than I was prior to it.  According to what could be considered a bevy of 'reputable expert' sources on the subject, faeries have been found far and wide, from the UK to Scandinavia to Asia.  In Britain, the fee folk enjoyed their Golden Age between 1840 & 1870.  Ironically, they are said to have departed the world as we know it the century before.

Apparently the fae come in a variety of flavors.  There are more classifications of fairies than there are races of humans.  One such example is that of Nature Fairies which includes mermaids, water-sprites, tree spirits and so on.  Faerie People of the Elfin race are regarded fairies in the truest sense.  They generally dwell underground, have a penchant for green, an attachment to cattle, love milk, can become invisible at will, enjoy pranks, and love nothing better than dancing... in Fairy Rings.  The lure and enchantment of the latter has led many a mortal to his doom.

....Yikes, this only takes us through the first page of my notes!  All right, Plan B.  For now I will take the easy way out by stating that all fairy questions will be answered at our 2-day Faerie Fete getaways launching in just a few short months.... in mortal time, that is.  There we will cover  faerie festivals, sightings, folk legends, customs, enchantments, traits, language, history, human relations, fairy etiquette, fairy tales, music and, of course, dancing!... not to mention all manner of proprietary secrets I dare not mention in so public a forum.

To share your own love of faeries and their relations, please flit on over to our Siren School Facebook page.
For incredibly detailed information on this ethereal subject, visit

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Saturday, October 1, 2011

On the Road 2013

     This year Siren School will be on tour hosting events all over the country from June 21 - Nov 19. 
So what will we be doing the rest of the year?... We'll be coming to see YOU!
     Assemble a group of 8 or more and depending on availability, WE CAN BRING THE FESTIVITIES TO YOU!

Friday, September 16, 2011

Murmurs of Mermaids

For weekend Mythic Adventures, visit our Mermaid Cruise & Dolphin Swim in the Bahamas or Pacific Paradise Im-mer-sion Mermaid Getaway sites. For an adult day camp experience, visit the new Mermaid Bootless Camp page.

Mermaid camp for merminions (8-12) and mermaidens (13-17)

So long fangs, hello fins
by J.S. Devivre

Bella the mermaid from the TV Show 'H2O, Just Add Water'
"Mermaids surface as the next big thing," reads the headline of Carol Memmott's article in USA Today. "From books to movies to blogs to gatherings, mermaids are making a big splash in popular culture this summer."

"Fringe no longer, mermaids are poised to challenge vampires as pop—and commercial—icons," writes Joel Stein of Businessweek's Bloomberg report, "...mermaids are about to swamp vampires and zombies as supernatural rainmakers in popular culture....

Building off the buzz from this year’s installment of the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise—which featured a plethora of bad-ass, sailor-drowning mermaids played by models—mermaid-fueled projects are piling up. Twilight author Stefanie Meyer says her next book is all mermaid. Joe Wright, who directed Atonement, is planning a live-action, dark version of Hans Christian Andersen’s The Little Mermaid; Tobey Maguire is producing a rival, also dark, also live-action Little Mermaid. In June, Disneyland launched a new Little Mermaid ride and will add one to Disney World in 2012. Photographer Mark Anderson is releasing a book—available as an iPhone app—called M: Mermaids of Hollywood, that features Anna Faris, the Kardashians, Kristen Bell, and others in tails."

... Are we beginning to notice a trend here?

"'Mermaiding', or swimming in mermaid [tails], seems to be gaining popularity..."  

And according to Stephan Lee of, this is "the year mermaids swim into movies, books, fashion..... and maybe your local swimming pool."

So is it any wonder we will be hosting weeklong Mermaid Camps and weekend getaways next Spring and Summer?  Our neophyte routine has just been choreographed, complete with props... and we are nearly jumping out of our fish skin with impatient excitement to flex our fins and splash our tails with you.  Be sure to sign up early. These meraculously fun events are sure to sell out barracuda fast!

If you'd like to flip your fins with us online, splash on over to our Facebook page and say hello.  That goes for you L'il Mermaids too!

Thursday, September 8, 2011

They're Coming....

Mortal men, beware.

Sirens are coming...
and they're taking no prisoners.

2012 will bring all manner of irresistible vixens and femme fatales out of the shadows and into daily life. Expect bodacious doings from:
  • Mermaids
  • Genies
  • Geishas
  • CanCan dancers
  • Baliwood Maharincesses
  • Sea Nymphs & faeries
  • Venetian courtesans
  • Classic Burley-Q showgirls
  • Wicked Wahinis & island girls
  • Dance Divas
  • Shamans
  • Socialites
  • and more

Details surfacing here soon...

If you'd like to come play with us online, mosey on over to our Facebook page and say hello.  That goes for you L'il Mermaids too!