Saturday, March 30, 2013

Charleston class & Flapper getaway workshop

6 week interactive online dance class & 1920's attire workshop 

Get all gussied up for our Speakeasy, Die Hard - Gangster/G-Man Melee Oct 25-27, 2013. Online class is held Tuesdays, Sept 17 - Oct 22 at 7pm CDT.  Cost is $30 and is refundable up until 3 days prior to first class.  During the series you will have the thrill of doing the following:
  • Seen & Heard - the first 8 participants to sign up for our workshop will get to interact LIVE on camera, via Google+
  • Knock Knees - Learn the basics of one of the most energetic and fun dance styles ever created, the Charleston
  • Cloche Encounters - Create your signature look including a 1920's makeup how-to
  • Rub Elbows - You'll have the opportunity to get to know your siren sisters prior to our getaway together. This will enrich your experience immeasurably

$30 Registration for this class closes Sept 20 at 5pm CDT

Friday, March 29, 2013

Getaway... with Murder, in 'Mauch Chunk' PA

The hills are alive, 
with the sound of murder!

A prominent family flees to Switzerland, only to find they are von trapped owing to a killer on the rampage in the sleepy little Bavarian town of Mauch Chunk, PA. Join us at the Inn at Jim Thorpe, Nov 1-3, 2013 (Fri-Sun) to find out who killed whom and how... and why! 

Our mystery getaway includes 3 options for participation: 
  • Manslaughter - Play witness at our deadly dinner on Saturday night and help figure out whodunit! - price starts at $60
  • 2nd degree - Dive deeper into the story with opportunities to drop & divulge clues. This level includes a clue & cocktail party before our deadly dinner, accommodations Saturday night, and a backstory resolution breakfast Sunday morning - price starts at $210
  • 1st degree - Get the full picture with additional clues and character interaction. Includes 2nd degree activities plus opportunities to play key parts in the story's unfoldment, an hors d'oeuvres & scandals reception Friday night, accommodations Friday night, and a backstory breakfast Saturday morning - price starts at $340
Optional extras in pale italics, *indicates additional fee. (See cost breakdown near bottom of page.)

Fri 11/01 (1st degree guests welcome.)
  • 3pm - Check-in at our host hotel for the weekend, The Inn at Jim Thorpe. 
  • 6-8pm - First Friday Wine Tasting in the Libations Lounge of the historic Harry Packer Mansion *$25. Not an official part of the mystery, but a great opportunity to see this opulent Victorian home
  • 8pm - Who's who & what's what - Get acquainted here at the inn, over hearty hors d'oeuvres & a *no-host bar with the behind the scenes activities and players who pull the strings in town. Not everyone is as they seem
  • 9pm - Crime scenery - Take advantage of the chance to view evidence of misdeeds before the police come to clean it up

Sat 11/02 
  • 9am - After a homicide-free evening, start the day with breakfast onsite at the Broadway Grill & Pub. In the light of day you may discover more of what is really going on in town. (1st degree guests welcome.)
  • 10:30am-5:30pm - Free time Options - While away your day with any number of activities. We've suggested an option or two for those 1st degree guests determined to learn the ugly truth of what goes on in this seemingly picture perfect village
    • *Lehigh Gorge Scenic Railway $12-24 (See 1st degree welcome packet for details.)
    • *Mauch Chunk Museum (See 1st degree welcome packet for details.)
    • Old Jail (See 1st degree welcome packet for details.)
    • *Packer Mansion (See 1st degree welcome packet for details.)
    • *St. Mark's church (See 1st degree welcome packet for details.)
    • *Town tours - the one stop shopping option to view the sights listed above. Tours depart today at 11am, 1pm & 3pm and last 1.5-2 hours (See 1st degree welcome packet for details.)
    • *Afternoon tea at Albright Mansion
    • Get ice cream! The town has some fabulous creameries
    • Hiking the area's popular trails 
    • *White water rafting
    • *Mountain Biking
    • Shopping
    • Or just enjoy some relaxing quiet time    
  • 5:30-7pm - Murder is brewing at Molly Maguires - Stop in at this local hotspot any time during this haphazard 'happy hour' as tensions build. Includes appetizers & *no-host bar (1st & 2nd degree guests welcome.)
  • 7:30-9:30/10pm - Dinner & Demise onsite at the Broadway Grill- The truth comes out and so do the claws at the weekend's main event (All whodunit guests welcome.)

Sun 11/03
  • 9am - Final resolution to all the town's affairs over breakfast at the Albright Mansion (1st & 2nd degree guests welcome.)

The Inn at Jim Thorpe
Costs based on rates as of 03-30-13, *indicates an additional optional cost 
  • Siren School activities - $30-100, depending on level of participation 
  • Accommodations - $140 starting price per night
  • Onsite meals - $30-100, included depending on level of participation
  • *Museums & Tours
  • *Offsite Meals - market price
  • *Transportation to and from town, including air fare, if applicable

Deadly Details
  • A deposit of $60 holds your spot with Siren School. It is refundable within 72 hours of purchase or if the event is cancelled. If for any reason you are unable to participate in the event after the 3 day cancellation period, you may transfer the deposit to another party who would like to participate, or you may consider the deposit as a gracious donation to Siren School's scholarship fund
  • A minimum of 10 participants is needed to ensure event fulfillment. Alas, events with fewer than 10 guests will be cancelled or postponed, and deposists refunded
  • Rates may increase between the time this was written and the time you decide to book. Be prepared, lest you be disappointed
  • Itinerary may change slightly based on weather & availability, but is not likely
  • Accommodation costs are based on double occupancy
  • Neither Siren School, its principals nor affiliates shall be held responsible for any damage or loss of property, funds paid to 3rd parties, life, pride, nor any ickiness of any kind that participant may have experienced or will ever experience -- period

$60 non-refundable under penalty of death deposit 

The Price of Murder

Note, this is a family program, best enjoyed by those ages 12 and up. $30 for children (age 11 & under)

If you'd like to fraternize with us online, please find us on our Facebook page.  

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Burlesque, Boudoir & Beyond

Click here for our next ONLINE workshop, designed to get you Valentine's ready ❤

(below is our in-person event, available for hosting in any town)

We've learned there are scads of women searching for pointers as to how to perform an absolutely irresistible seduction for their paramour.

And  so, we would like to invite you to join us in Salome's Salon for our short & sassy, sensuous, sensual, Seduxtion Instruxtion.  These are take-no-prisoners temptress classes.... not for the faint of heart, nor shy of flesh.  They are pole-ar opposites of what one may encounter at a 'strip joint'.  Here you will learn how to move elegantly, intoxicatingly, exotically and erotically.

Getaway includes an exploration of the psyche behind each theme, movement instruction, activities, optional craft, props, performance, refreshments and professional videography.(Price options and discounts listed at the bottom of the page.) 

Extras listed in pale italics: additional meals, accommodations, spa treatments, professional makeup &/or hair styling and glamourous boudoir photo shoot, plus video of optional entertaining tease performance.

The Night Before (7-10pm): Should you get the chance to sneak out the back door and come into town early, we will enjoy a relaxed candlelit dinner onsite.  The fare will be light to ensure we awake the next morning feeling lithe and lovely.  Campy end of the evening entertainment includes watching the cheesiest showgirl movies available.

Session Pre-requisite: ability or willingness to feel fabulous in your own skin...  Packing list: Practice & performance apparel including 7 veils, evening out attire & overnight items

Day #1 - In Private 
one-on-one seductions
9am-3:30pm for basic session (elective evening activities end around 9pm)
  • Barely there Breakfast (8-9am): For our overnight seductresses
  • The Psychology of Pseduction (9-10am): We will break the ice of intimacy with a sort of Comedy of Eros, a light-hearted look at what really makes a man tick... as well as drool. Includes a mid-session 'not-before-I've-had-my-coffee' break
  • Boudoir Basics (10-11am): How to move and groove. This feel-the-music segment is designed to get you in THE mood
  • Lusty Lunch Break (11am-12:30pm): How to enjoy your mid-day meal and send your mate scrambling for the check... can you say nooner?
  • The Siren Unveiled (12:30-2pm): Learn how to tie, and more importantly, remove those seven deadly veils.  This is an interactive dance involving you and your lover, safely practiced here with one of your siren sisters as a stand-in... to the appropriate degree.  Set to some of the most passionate classical music ever penned, this experience will get you anything you want... but please, no heads on platters... just your man's heart in your hands.
  • Always Get Your Man (2-3:30pm): Just like the Mounties, you will be assured of ensnaring the object of your manhunt. You will also learn a tantalizing musical number with which to entice your honey.  This is not just a strip tease, it is a strip taunt, torment and nearly torture as you drive your man wild with captive desire. Let's just say, handcuffs are involved. Includes a mid-segment break to slake your unquenchable thirst
  • Afternoon Delight (3:30-6:00): Get crafty adding some pizzazz to your favorite lingerie, spoil yourself with a Kundalini Chakra Massage spa treatment, enjoy some relaxing personal time, or pluck, preen and primp in preparation of your boudoir photo shoot. Professional makeup & hair styling available from 4:30-6pm.
  • Risque Reception & Photo Session (6-7:30pm): Pose for a Private Professional Photography Boudoir Shoot or just mingle as you enjoy some edible aphrodisiacs
  • A Sensory Feast (7:30-9pm): For those staying with us through the naughty night, we will indulge in one the most sensuous of all pleasures.... food -- Sushi off your tummy, honey dripping from your lips, whipped cream just about anywhere you like.  From strawberries to chocolate, bananas to oysters, fondue to champagne, you will learn how to set the table, as well as the scene, for seduction.

Day #2 - In Public 
entertaining the masses
Concerning Burlesque, comedienne Margaret Cho wrote: "After seeing my first burlesque show, I was obsessed with trying it myself. It wasn’t so much that I had such an exhibitionist streak in me—it was more that I was seeking to silence the constant drone of self hatred that ran on in my  head. Even though I had talked a lot about the importance  of self acceptance and self esteem in my work, I hadn’t  found total peace with myself or my body. There was always  something I wanted to fix or change, and my weight was  always the focal point of my unhappiness. However, when  I would see a dancer who was larger than I be beautiful  and happy and perfect in the moment of her lovingly choreographed routine, wearing an outrageous costume, then taking it off—I felt a freedom within myself that was unparalleled. I saw that happiness didn’t have to be a smaller size:  it was an attitude. I didn’t have to diet, I just had to put on pasties! What a revelation! I realized that feeling beautiful had power and political potential."

9am-3:30pm for basic session (optional breakfast served at 8am)
  • Brazen Breakfast (8-9am): For our overnight temptresses
  • Neo-Burlesque (9-10am): From Gypsy Rose Lee to Dita Von Teese, from pasties to stockings you will learn about the customs and costumes of this most a-peeling performance art. Includes a mid-morning coffee break
  • The Daily Bump & Grind (10-11:30am): Learn to move like the pros and not only strut your stuff, but showcase it as well -- all you need is a few feathers, a little bit of lace, a touch of confidence and a whole lotta sass
  • Stripped-Down Lunch Break (11am-12:30pm): We researched a bit and found light healthy 'stripper food'.... really. We considered serving Cornish pasties, but they are too heavy! As we relax over lunch we will do a little costume embellishing... or rather embellish our little costumes
  • Your Biggest Fan (12:30-2pm): Learn the beautiful and ethereal art of fan dancing, as immortalized by the graceful Sally Rand
  • Purrformance Practice (2-3:30pm): All right you sexy little minx, it's time to choose one of the art forms covered this weekend to make your own. Practice and perfect a veil or fan dance, one-on-one tease, or stage peel. You are sure to be the cat's meow. Includes a mid-segment refreshment break 
  • Downtime (3:30-6:00): Calm your pre-performance jitters with a Neck or Foot massage or confidence-ensuring, non-painful Sugar Hair Removal spa treatment, enjoy some relaxing personal time, perhaps with a luxurious moisturizing bath, or simply take some time to get dolled up for your performance. Professional makeup & hair styling available from 4:30-6pm.
  • Show & Tell Reception & Photo Session (6-7pm): Pose for a Professional Photography Burlesque Shoot or just mingle as you nibble on a variety of tasty treats designed to keep you from chewing your nails as you wait for your Burlesque debut
  • Intimate Dinner on the Town (7-9pm): For those staying with us till daylight, we will dine at an incredibly intimate fine dining eatery within walking distance of the beach, Cafe Gazelle.  You'll love it!  We may even take a quick barefoot stroll on the beach after dinner
  • Tantric Touch tutorial (9-10pm): Learn the subtleties of performing a sensually healing and awakening massage on your partner
  • Jacuzzi & skinny-dipping by the light of the moon (10pm)

The Morning After (8-11am)
  • Last light Breakfast onsite (8-9am): For our overnight vixens
  • Tantric & Rudra Yoga (9:30-10:45am): a yoga class taught by a trained murshida
  • Heartfelt hugs & reluctant farewells (10:45-11am): Adieu dears.... for now... till your next siren experience

Pricing Options:
  • $105 - Just for Today - Single day of instruction. We'd be delighted to have you join us for our daily themed lunch - $20 inclusive
2 Day session discount - you save 5% off our daily rate
  • $199.50 - Simply Classy - includes instruction as outlined above for a 2-day session. (total savings $10.50)
  • $275.50 - Posh Nosh - includes the above plus onsite meals: 1 breakfast, 2 lunches, 2 appetizer receptions. (total savings $14.50)
  • $394.25 - Accommodate Me - includes all of the above plus 1 night onsite accommodation. (total savings $20.75)
  • $655.50 - Bells & Whistles - includes all of the above + professional makeup, hair styling, theme photo shoot, performance video dvd. (total savings $33.81)
  • Very Pampered Siren - you save 20% off our daily rate.  Let our Camp Concierge come up with a deluxe all-inclusive package including every experience listed, custom-created just for you

Boudoir & Beyond getaway
If you'd like to get intimate with us online, strut over to our Facebook page.