Fantasy Fitness

Beginning in January 2020, we will offer a variety of element-based movement options designed to connect body with spirit and get your chi flowing. The majority of them are done en plein air (outdoors) for greatest benefit. If you're in SoCal, come join us!
  • Alegriux - Water dance including fresh water sprite movements (using legs) and Mermaids in Motion choreography (legs together with a tail or monofin) {element - Aquis/water}
  • Earthing, ie strolling barefoot, is our preference, but any perambulatory mode will do {element - Terris/earth}
  • Equilubrius - The original (and thought by many to be the ultimate) moving meditation that aligns mind, body, and spirit through stretching and mental centering {element - Aether/soul}
  • Genie Libriss Bliss - Belly dance basics in an immersive atmosphere {element - Nitris/air}
  • Kayaking - Rest assured, there are no rapids, just beautiful homes along the tranquil canals of Naples, Long Beach {element - Aquis/water}
  • Langrada - Omni core discipline designed to lengthen & strengthen, a cross between Yoga & Pilates with a storytelling basis {element - Arbis/wood}
  • Liberflus - Free-flow intuitive dance {element - Ignis/fire}
  • Swaying Palms - Storytelling dance {elements - Arbis, Terris, Aquis}
  • Swimming - Preferably in a natural body of water {element - Aquis/water} 
  • Tao Cheng - Omni's age-old soft martial art-style movement akin to Tai Chi & Qi Gong {element - Terris/earth}
  • Terpsichordia - Pattern- and formation-based dance {element - Platen/metal}

Additional dance classes offered:
  • '60s A-Go-Go
  • 23 Skidoo Charleston
  • Bollywood Blast
  • Disco Fever line dance
  • Gypsy Jamboree
  • Sambalsa (Samba & Salsa)