Fantasy Fitness

'Workout like no one's watching'
with Fantasy Fitness by Siren School™ 
[model: Alev Johnson]
Siren School's themed Fantasy Fitness Dance Parties and Classes work your imagination as well as your body. Enjoy fully immersing yourself in the persona of your chosen female archetype as you swirl and twirl, shimmying the coins on your hip scarf, brandishing Tahitian hand tassels, gliding beneath a wafting organza veil. 

Our dance routines are designed to tell a story and you to feel like you truly inhabit the realm of your chosen genre. You'll learn to move gracefully and confidently, all the while burning hundreds of calories and toning your muscles, creating firm and supple curves. After an invigorating and deep warm-up, your instructor will lead you through basic dance fitness moves, isolations and a fun-to-follow choreographed routine, culminating in a luxuriously relaxing cool-down.

Whether with an in-person instructor and fellow dancers, or on your own with an online videocast, you can improve your overall fitness, coordination and self-image, and enjoy yourself so much you will hardly even notice you're exercising!

* Our Elementals series returns participants to their roots, naturally. It's exercise the way way you always dreamed it could be *

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